Community Treatment Center


Mission statement

Community Treatment Center is dedicated to provide the highest quality of treatment services to adult substance abusers with co-occurring disorders in North, Central, and South Brevard County.


​Community Treatment Center, Inc. (CTC) was initially established in 1969, and is dedicated to serving adult substance abusers, (co-ed) with co-occurring disorders to obtain long-term recovery. CTC has a total of 10 female beds and 23 male beds between our Cocoa and Titusville facilities. Our program provides treatment services in North, Central, and South Brevard County. Our program services provide housing, meals, and treatment services with a professional clinical team of certified staff to assist in the recovery process. Community Treatment Center’s program assists clients to obtain and maintain long-term recovery, assist with compliance with the Criminal Justice System, and provides parenting skills groups to facilitate healthy family and social relationships.

2016 Screening Admission Application (PDF)