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Level I: Outpatient Adult Substance Abuse

Community Treatment Center also provides affordable Level I Outpatient Adult Substance abuse treatment; Co-occurring capable programs in three locations in Brevard County. Our North County location is 1206 Main St. Titusville, Fl. 32796, Central County location is 1215 Lake Dr. Cocoa, Fl. 32922, and the South County location is at the Riviera United Church of Christ, 451 Riviera Drive NE, Palm Bay Florida 32905. Our agency fees are $45.00 for the initial clinical substance abuse assessment. If appropriate, clients are then required to attend and participate in weekly group therapy sessions at $25.00 per group, mandatory AA/NA meetings with individual consultation and random drug screens. We assist each client to comply with their criminal justice requirements for probation, DUI requirements, or to obtain and maintain their driver’s license.

Each client is carefully screened for the appropriate placement into treatment. A comprehensive evidence based psychosocial evaluation is conducted face to face with the client and qualified counselor. Community Treatment Center follows the ASAM Placement Criteria for all levels of treatment. Our agency is the only facility in Brevard County with the capacity to transfer clients from Level I Outpatient services to Level II IOP; to Level III Residential Treatment.

Level II: Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Level II intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment is for individuals who cannot take advantage of an inpatient treatment program for a number of reasons, ranging from lack of funding to cover the cost of inpatient care, to personal and professional limitations. Intensive outpatient treatment provides many of the same services that clients receive at residential facilities, except the costs are much lower than inpatient care and patients return home at night.

Community Treatment Center offers an organized intensive outpatient service that delivers Adult Substance Abuse treatment services (3) three days a week with addition community self-help meetings required throughout the week and individual counseling twice a month. For the individual this modality of treatment provides essential education and treatment components while allowing clients to apply their newly acquired skills within “real world” environments.

Level II programs provides comprehensive bio-psychosocial assessments and individualized treatment plans, including formulation of problem statements, treatment goals and measurable objectives—all developed in consultation with the client. Throughout the program the client is monitored via behaviors, program compliance, and random drug and alcohol screens. The client’s monthly evaluations will provide ability to determine the client’s specific individualized needs.

We provide a programmatic therapeutic milieu consisting of regularly scheduled sessions for a minimum of nine (9) hours a week in a structured program, which provides clients with the opportunity to remain in their own environment and/or retain their employment. It is designed for individuals needing multidimensional services Level 1 Outpatient care is not intensive enough to address, those who met the ASAM criteria for more concentrated care, or for those who need more frequent monitoring. Core services elements include, but not limited to, referral for TB testing, ongoing assessment, treatment planning, drug testing, drug education, intensive individual/group/family psychosocial therapy, and intensive case management. Optimal elements include family support group, spirituality, and AA/NA 12-step support groups. Enhancing elements include techniques to address relapse prevention, stress, anger, and self-esteem issues.

All programs are staffed by an interdisciplinary team of appropriately credentialed addiction treatment professionals who assess and treat substance related disorders. Please have referrals call (321) 632-5958; email: ; or fax: (321) 632-2533. Thank you!

Level III: Residential Adult Substance Abuse Treatment

Community Treatment Center (CTC) Inc. provides the only licensed Level III Residential Adult Substance Abuse and Mental Health (co-occurring capable) programs in Brevard County since 1969. Our program utilizes evidence based practices with highly motivated individuals within a therapeutic treatment environment and provides a comprehensive treatment approach designed to motivate clients; utilizing evidence-based practice tools. We provide a total of thirty-three (33) residential beds between two facility locations, and provide rehabilitation for approximately 85 clients per year. Our program is considered long term: six months to one year in length of stay. CTC provides 10 male beds and 5 female beds in our Cocoa location and 13 male beds and 5 female beds in Titusville. Our program is designed to assist clients to obtain and maintain long-term recovery, comply with the criminal justice system, and reunite having healthy family relationships. Random drug screens are also given to each client during their stay at CTC. This level is appropriate for persons whose cognitive functioning has been severely impaired from the chronic use of substances, either temporarily or permanently. This would include persons who have varying degrees of organic brain disorder or brain injury or other problems that require extended care. The emphasis is on providing services that work on cognitive problems and activities of daily living, socialization, and specific skills to restore and maintain independent living. These services are typically slower pace, more concrete, and repetitive. Each client is also required to obtain employment and pay program fees in the amount of $125.00 per week which include room, board, meals, and treatment services.