Program Description

We utilize the group therapy process to learn new skills, to learn about themselves, develop new values, and work on communication skills, social skills and supports. All clients are involved in six hours of group therapy each week and one hour of individual counseling weekly to bi-weekly or more if necessary. Any client with a child under the age of 18 is also required to attend an hour of parenting class weekly which gives them seven hours of group therapy.

Group Therapy consists of the following:

Non-verbal therapies such as recreation therapy, art therapy, music therapy, or dance (movement) therapy are utilized to provide the client with alternative means of self-expression and problem resolution.

At Community Treatment Center we believe recovery is a personal, unique process of changing one’s attitude, feelings, goals, skills, and roles. It is a way of living a satisfying, hopeful contributing life. Recovery involves the development of new meaning in one’s life as one grows beyond the tragic effects of addiction and mental health issues. Hope is given to each client so they know they can recover. Choice is given to help each client get to know themselves. Empowerment comes from teaching them how to make their own choices and decisions. Our recovery environment promotes and supports recovery. It focuses on clients strengths, celebrates their accomplishments and points out how much further they can grow, gives them the feeling of being worthwhile, that they have valuable contributions to make either through employment or volunteer work, they can graduate and move on with life. It also allows them to meet others in recovery and gain peer support. Working the 12 Steps of AA/NA helps them gain spirituality to give them strength, courage and comfort. Once they connect, it magnifies their potential and guides them toward their life’s purpose.

We believe that resiliency is the ability to bounce back from setbacks or challenges. We believe that all clients have the ability to recover from or adjust to misfortune or change given the right tools. The components of resiliency we teach are; the world has meaning (purpose), the world is manageable (challenge) and the world is understandable (control). We focus on core values and core beliefs to teach resiliency. The focus for purpose emphasizes focusing outside of oneself and doing something for others. Even volunteering fulfills curiosity and provides a sense of meaningfulness for life. Also clients complete one hour of Community Pride each week at our facility. Challenges focus on their social network and they work with these resources to meet the challenges of life. Every client is required to go to at least 4 AA/NA meetings each week, get a sponsor, and work the 12 STEPS. Clients are encouraged to start a new script for life the day they enter Community Treatment Center and given hope and encouragement to write any new story they choose. Our organization has risen to the occasion of assisting this population to overcome addiction, re-unite families, and assist a safer community by reducing criminal behavior.