Level II: Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Level II intensive outpatient substance abuse treatment is for individuals who cannot take advantage of a residential treatment program for a number of reasons, ranging from lack of funding to cover the cost of residential care, to personal and professional limitations. Intensive outpatient treatment provides many of the same services that clients receive at residential facilities, except the costs are much lower than residential care and clients return home at night.

Community Treatment Center offers an organized intensive outpatient service that delivers Adult Substance Abuse treatment services (3) three days a week with additional community self-help meetings required throughout the week and individual counseling twice a month. For the individual, this modality of treatment provides essential education and treatment components while allowing clients to apply their newly acquired skills within “real world” environments.

Level II programs provide comprehensive bio-psychosocial assessments and individualized treatment plans, including formulation of problem statements, treatment goals and measurable objectives—all developed in consultation with the client. Throughout the program the client is monitored via behaviors, program compliance, and random drug and alcohol screens. The client’s monthly evaluations will provide ability to determine the client’s specific individualized needs.

We provide a programmatic therapeutic milieu consisting of regularly scheduled sessions for a minimum of nine (9) hours a week in a structured program, which provides clients with the opportunity to remain in their own environment and/or retain their employment. It is designed for individuals needing multidimensional services Level 1 Outpatient care is not intensive enough to address, those who met the ASAM criteria for more concentrated care, or for those who need more frequent monitoring. Core service elements include, but are not limited to, referral for TB testing, ongoing assessment, treatment planning, drug testing, drug education, intensive individual/group/family psychosocial therapy, and intensive case management. Optimal elements include family support group, spirituality, and AA/NA 12-step support groups. Enhancing elements include techniques to address relapse prevention, stress, anger, and self-esteem issues.

All programs are staffed by an interdisciplinary team of appropriately credentialed addiction treatment professionals who assess and treat substance related disorders. Please have referrals call (321) 632-5958; email: ; or fax: (321) 632-2533. Thank you!