Level III: Residential Adult Substance Abuse Treatment

Community Treatment Center (CTC) Inc. provides the only licensed Level III Residential Adult Substance Abuse and Mental Health (co-occurring capable) programs in Brevard County since 1969. Our program utilizes evidence based practices with highly motivated individuals within a therapeutic treatment environment and provides a comprehensive treatment approach designed to motivate clients; utilizing evidence-based practice tools. We provide a total of thirty-three (33) residential beds between two facility locations, and provide rehabilitation for approximately 85 clients per year. Our program is considered long term: six months to one year in length of stay. CTC provides 10 male beds and 5 female beds in our Cocoa location and 13 male beds and 5 female beds in Titusville. Our program is designed to assist clients to obtain and maintain long-term recovery, comply with the criminal justice system, and reunite having healthy family relationships. Random drug screens are also given to each client during their stay at CTC. Each client is also required to obtain employment and pay a deposit of $125.00 and rent in the amount of $125.00 per week room, board, meals, and treatment services.